MacaWrongs: A botched French Macaron Baking Story

I like many others, have recently discovered the joy of baking. From bread to sweet pastries I have been consistently adding things to my baking recipe notebook. Yes, I have an actual notebook! Sometimes, I like to go back to our old ways of analog note taking. Also, it’s easier to have a notebook open to look at quantities of ingredients as you bake.

Anyway, this post isn’t about notebooks, it’s about macarons. So, as I further my baking / pastry making studies (me watching baking vids on Youtube, lol) I kept on coming across these Korean Macaron baking videos.

There’s always been this claim that French Macarons are hard to bake. Me, being over confident, I decided to take on the challenge. Later I will find out that it was a very big mistake.

I followed this macaron making video. It looked simple enough, not as complicated as the other macaron vids I saw. And it’s chocolate macarons. You can never go wrong with chocolate, right?

Long story short, I ticked all items on the “What could go wrong with your macarons list”.

  1. Have rough tops (Because I didn’t grind the almond flour)
  2. Hollow cookies (Researching told me it’s because the oven temperature was too high. In my defense, I followed what was prescribed in the recipe video.)
  3. Cracked tops (Because they were hollow.)
  4. Cookies are not in uniform size (Tried to make a stencil for the cookies but I made the circle too big.)

Macaron Reality:

With everything that went wrong though, they still got eaten! They may not have been pretty but they were still delicious!

And so, the baking saga continues! I haven’t decided yet when I’ll to try make French macarons again. But yeah, I see a rematch in the future!

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